Dog Neutering

Benefits of Neutering Your Dog

Dog neutering has many benefits, for one it stops a sudden influx of puppies into your home if you own a female dog. Dogs are expensive commodities and take up a lot of time and responsibility. A litter of puppies may be overwhelming, so getting them neutered gives peace of mind against this happening.

However, there are several other reasons why neutering a pet dog is recommended by most vets, pet charities and animal shelters.

Neutering can improve behaviour, especially for males, reducing over-aggressive hormones. Likely decreasing the urge to fight other dogs, preventing injuries and infections caused by these fights. It also limits roaming which is usually a consequence of seeking a female. Male dog castration is possible from 5 months old

For females, spaying removes the ovaries and stops their seasons. Most dogs generally come into season every six months, but it is advised to have your dog spayed before their first season, as otherwise there can be complications relating to when an operated can be performed, increasing the chance of phantom pregnancies.

Neutering can seem like a daunting thing to put your dog though. But don’t worry, operations are normally completed in a day and they are completely recovered 10 days later.

Other Pet Neutering Health Benefits

For female dogs, neutering lessens the risk of uterine infections and breast cancer. For males, it entirely eradicates the possibility of testicular cancer, but also lowers the chance of prostate issues and other cancers.

If you own multiple dogs, having them neutered will improve their happiness and ability to along. It is worth noting too that even dogs related with each other will mate. This is not something you would want to see, particularly if you have children. Seeing their sibling dogs being intimate may leave an unpleasant lasting impression.