There are many reasons why you may want or need a family protection dog.

The world that we now live in can sometimes feel like a scary place, there seem to be reports of attacks and burglaries on the news every day, so more and more people are now looking at alternatives to the usual deterrents to keep would-be attackers and thieves at bay.

One of the most popular now is a family protection dog. A family protection dog is different from a guard dog, a guard dog’s primary function is to attack anyone that comes onto a premise that should not be there. A family protection dog is a family pet as well as a protector.

Family protection dog

A family protection dog should be trained to only attack on command from their owner, a guard dog is more of a working dog, whereas a family protection dog is a loyal much-loved pet ready and willing to protect their owner if a threat should arise. A good family protection dog will protect their family in any situation that they or their owner feels is threatening. A command or signal will be given to the dog when it is needed.

It can take several months, even years to train a good family protection dog. A good trainer will work with the dog’s instinct and ability to bring out the best in him or her.

Some of the most popular family protection dogs are German shepherds, Giant schnauzers, and Dobermans. They all possess a natural loyalty and want to protect and make the best family pets. However, they do need to be trained properly as they can also be dominant and need to be shown their position in the family, an alpha role needs to be established.

These dogs will be a well-trained loving addition to any family.